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Nurse influenced life coaching skills are utilized to help people access productive solutions to manage stress. The result is  optimal happiness and health. Imagine a life where you can gain control of your stress, instead of allowing stress to control you. There are unlimited sources where stress can be generated such as; within relationships, family, school, work, environment, and health  related issues. Some people succumb to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to deaden the undesirable symtoms of stress. This creates a dependency called addiction which does nothing to relive the stress.These dysfunctional methods only create more stress.The symptoms of stress are as unique as the causes.  Stress creates is an imbalance  in the energetic field of the body, mind, and spirit. This not only deprives people of happiness in the here and now, it can produce health problems in the future. A reduced immune system through the excessive and unnecessary release of  stress hormones could be the leading cause of all disease. The body in a state of dis-ease, is a channel for disease. You have the ability to "Change the Channel "of  stress. Our nervous system has neurotransmitters that generate an accumulation of stress induced blockages. When blockages are removed, blissful relaxation promotes balance and we are better able to tune into happiness.,health, and wellbeing.

Example: Working mothers are a particular group whom suffer the consequences of stress overload. A working mother often overwhelms self with doing for others at her own expence.  Guilt is a common blockage that prevents happiness. When the blockage is recognized and action is taken to remove it, happiness can be acquired.

Tools: Reiki, IET Integrated, Energy therapy, Energy Psychology Therapy, NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Body Talk Cortices, Do-in Massage and Mediation. These  techniques  along with skillful nurturing life  coaching  assist  a person in  creating  new behavior patterns.  This is highly effective to lose weight, and overcome addictions , 


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